Saturday, 30 January 2016

Thing23: #Rudai23

 For this task I decided to install the Hootsuite content management tool.  I setup my account and linked three social networks to the application; Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I was really impressed with the tool. I will without doubt use this tool from now on. One flaw for me was that the main Facebook newsfeed is not available through the tool. I checked this issue online and the news feed page was available in the past but is not supported by Hootsuite anymore.  Here’s a link if you’d like to read more Hootsuite Support .

Instead, I removed my Facebook stream and added a second LinkedIn stream which will be just as useful to me. I also setup my account without allowing the application to access my Facebook messages for personal security. I really like this tool and am grateful I was introduced to it.  I have found trying to keep up with all my social network accounts difficult at times and time consuming which is no longer an issue.  

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Thing22: #Rudai23

For this task I downloaded the Gum application on my iPhone. I scanned the last book I read which was called Not Enough hours by Owen Fitzpatrick, and I wrote a small review about the book. I never heard of the application before so I was interested to find out more.

The application was easy to use and would be accessible for all types of users. I haven’t needed to use my phone for work purposes but would have no issue with that whatsoever. There was no beacons in the library where I received my work experience but I think the library is expanding in the near future so it will be interesting to see if this type of technology is introduced.

The 23 mobile things would be beneficial to me but at the moment I need to concentrate on completing the MLIS programme so I’ll wait until that’s finished before I attempt the course.

Thing21: #Rudai23

I really enjoyed this task. Working with infographics was a new learning experience for me and will be particularly useful to me in the future. For this task, i felt it would be more beneficial for me to design my own infographics through the easel software discussed in the blog. I tried to design a simple and yet effective infographic on how i plan an essay. I looked at the infographics on Pinterest and really understand why there so useful to the profession.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Thing20: #Rudai23

I have made approximately five presentations in group projects in both my undergraduate and graduate studies. I used PowerPoint to create my presentations which i found easy to use. From past experiences i get quite nervous when it comes to public speaking, however, i do feel i improved from my first presentation.

For this task, i chose part one of the task which involved creating a presentation through different software applications. The reason i choose to create a new slide presentation was primarily because i had never heard of Prezi before, and felt it might be a useful to familiarise myself with the application. The story i attempted to tell referred to my daily tasks working in the library. I  found the Prezi software difficult to use due to the finicky nature of the software and would not recommend it. In my opinion there is no comparison between PowerPoint and Prezi. I was unable to upload the slide presentation to this blog so i inserted a link below for viewing purposes.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Thing19: #Rudai23

Thing19 was particularly informative regarding copyright and how it became a relevant aspect in society.  I found it interesting to learn about the different types of copyright licenses in operation and the conditions applicable to each. I was familiar with copyright from my studies, however, I didn’t know about the different forms of copyright licences.

The blog post made me aware of the different issues in copyright and how the digital domain has been impacted by copyright issues. I’m not aware of any copyright issues in my Rudai23 blog as I have attributed the owner of the pictures used. The pictures were also acquired in the creative commons section on Instagram. I have been fearful in the past when it comes to copyright laws and the use of pictures, however becoming aware of different sites such as Flickr, Pixabay and Opsound which contain a creative commons section has helped and will be used in future projects.

Thing18: # Rudai23

Thing18 was a very interesting task to complete aside from the signing up process which was tedious. Signing up for flickr involved setting up a yahoo email address,providing personal information including my phone number and unnecessary verification steps. After registering with Yahoo, i was able to sign up with Flickr. The photo below of a library was chosen from the creative commons section and is attributable.

"Public Library in Dun Laoghaire named, DLR Lexicon", by William Murphy is licensed under CC by SA 2.0

The second part of Thing18 involved setting up an Instagram account. I set up my account on my phone and the group i selected to follow was the library project. I also commented on a lovely photo to start a conversation. 

I can see how both Flickr and Instagram will be very useful to me in my future career.

Thing17: #Rudai23

For this task, I decided to rewrite Thing 4, where the use of online tools can be used to communicate free and effectively. The Gibbs model of reflective practice will be implemented to offer a deeper level of reflection.

Thing 4 discussed a number of Google applications that can be utilised by library professionals, in particular Google Hangouts. Initially, I was anxious after reading Thing4 mainly due to my unfamiliarity with the application. I was hesitant about using Google hangouts, however I know the purpose of the course and familiarised myself with Google+ and the applications.

After completing the task, I felt very positive about the experience. In fact, I have used the application regularly since. Due to difficulties in meeting people at suitable times in college, I suggested the use of the application on a group project and it proved to be a valuable tool.  I am very grateful for being informed about Google hangouts and will continue to use the application.